Change: Why I Decided To Slowly Change Platforms


Hello, wonderful human! I'm Patricia and I have been blogging since 2008-2009. I started using this old website called Multiply, moved to Blogger, and then finally found a home in another platform, which is Tumblr. Tumblr has been my home for the past six to seven years. There, I felt very comfortable and warm. I also met a handful of amazing people who share the same passion as mine, and that is blogging. I have also met people who aspire to influence and inspire others through sharing and writing their experiences online about their lives, adventures, etc. I have been thinking if moving to a new blogging platform is a good idea since I just recently bought my own domain and it is not expiring soon. Yet. Recently, I just felt the need to go out of my comfort zone and explore the whole blogging world more than just settling for what I already know and to what I already have. I wanted to expand my horizons, reach out to more people, meet new amazing friends, and build again, my own world on the web, but this time, I wanted to do it more seriously. I know moving out of my old platform will basically mean that I have to start from scratch and it took me quite a long time to finally arrive to this particular decision--brave what's up ahead, continue writing, enjoy what you are doing despite uncertainties. Now, I don't know exactly what the future holds for me, but I will do my best to make this new home of mine feel as natural and warm as possible not only for me but also for my readers in the future.


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