Change: Why I Decided To Slowly Change Platforms


Hello, wonderful human! I'm Patricia and I have been blogging since 2008-2009. I started using this old website called Multiply, moved to Blogger, and then finally found a home in another platform, which is Tumblr. Tumblr has been my home for the past six to seven years. There, I felt very comfortable and warm. I also met a handful of amazing people who share the same passion as mine, and that is blogging. I have also met people who aspire to influence and inspire others through sharing and writing their experiences online about their lives, adventures, etc. I have been thinking if moving to a new blogging platform is a good idea since I just recently bought my own domain and it is not expiring soon. Yet. Recently, I just felt the need to go out of my comfort zone and explore the whole blogging world more than just settling for what I already know and to what I already have. I wanted to expand my horizons, reach out to more people, meet new amazing friends, and build again, my own world on the web, but this time, I wanted to do it more seriously. I know moving out of my old platform will basically mean that I have to start from scratch and it took me quite a long time to finally arrive to this particular decision--brave what's up ahead, continue writing, enjoy what you are doing despite uncertainties. Now, I don't know exactly what the future holds for me, but I will do my best to make this new home of mine feel as natural and warm as possible not only for me but also for my readers in the future.


  1. I blogged under Tumblr for couple of years before I transferred to Blogger. Iba yung feeling sa Tumblr no? I mean, it's like a small community. Homey ba. Since I wanted to try something new, I moved to blogger. TBH, when I transferred, I felt alone. I'm like a lonely island floating in the vast ocean. Pero okay naman. Kaya yan! :)

    1. Hello, Lei! Nagulat ako bigla may nag-comment. Hahaha. Oo nga eh. I haven't updated this one for quite a long time na din. Kasi parang wala naman readers. And totoo yung sinabi mo about Tumblr kaya parang ang hirap mag switch. :) Thank you!



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