[BEAUTY] ABBAMART's Shy Smile Blusher + Switch Up Highlighter


Hello, dolls! Today I’m back with yet another beauty review featuring two items from ABBAMART--the Shy Smile Blusher in Rose Gold and the Switch Up Highlighter in Pearly Light. It took me a week to finally decide on which shade of blusher to order; I initially wanted to get the shade Marry Me but I realized that it may look too pink on me and it may be hard to match it with the lipstick shades that I currently have so I opted to get the Rose Gold instead. For the highlighter, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on the Switch Up Highlighter but I was torn between getting the one with a powder finish or finally braving to try the cream-based--I’ve bought the cream-based in the end LOL

If you’re curious about my verdict with these two products, then continue reading to find out!


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