[BEAUTY] ABBAMART's Shy Smile Blusher + Switch Up Highlighter


Hello, dolls! Today I’m back with yet another beauty review featuring two items from ABBAMART--the Shy Smile Blusher in Rose Gold and the Switch Up Highlighter in Pearly Light. It took me a week to finally decide on which shade of blusher to order; I initially wanted to get the shade Marry Me but I realized that it may look too pink on me and it may be hard to match it with the lipstick shades that I currently have so I opted to get the Rose Gold instead. For the highlighter, I’ve always wanted to get my hands on the Switch Up Highlighter but I was torn between getting the one with a powder finish or finally braving to try the cream-based--I’ve bought the cream-based in the end LOL

If you’re curious about my verdict with these two products, then continue reading to find out!

Packaging: What really caught my attention is its packaging. It’s too cute to resist the packaging of both items. I love how the box looks like it has been doodled on by kids; playful, colorful, yet not overpowering. On the other hand, the casing of the blusher and highlighter looks simple yet elegant. I also like how the casing fits right to my hands--not too big nor too small.

Formula: I’m honestly surprised with the formula of these two. The blusher don’t come out as being too powder-y. I’m not sure how to exactly describe its formula but it somehow plays between powder-y and a little bit of being cream-y. The highlighter on the other hand is very creamy but not to the point where it feels heavy on the skin. The blusher too may appear very pigmented but once applied on the skin, it makes a very translucent and natural finish.

Smell: I’ve almost missed the scent of these two products since their smell are not strong that makes your nose irritated. I think I can compare the scent of the blusher with the fresh-from-the-shower smell but more subtle, while the creamlighter reminds me of the aroma of my Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral powder but again, more muted and not overpowering.

Consistency: It settles on the skin just as fine and the creamlighter blends very well, unlike some highlighters, this has very fine particles that don’t clump--preventing you from looking like a disco ball.

left photo: under natural lighting; right photo: under led lighting

Longevity: I have a slight issue with the longevity of the creamlighter, or maybe it’s me that I have a problem since I sweat and oil up easily HAHAHA but nevertheless I still like it since it blends out easily and appear really translucent once it’s on the skin. The blusher, however, is perfect! I think it lasted me a whole day without retouching, it leaves a nice looking natural flush on my cheeks.
Price: The blusher costs me around P260 and the creamlighter is around P280.

Over-all Thoughts: I like both of them! But the next time I purchase the blusher, I’ll definitely get the shade in Soft Coral because I heard it’s one of their best-sellers and it has a nice color pay-off. For the highlighter, I might consider getting the one with the powder finish just so I can compare the two of them--about which one lasts longer. Retail value wise, I personally think that they are worth it.

Get them on ABBAMART’s Official Site or on Althea.

Do you have any favorite blusher and highlighter? I’d love to hear about them too! Leave a comment and let’s start talking about beauty. :)

Got any suggestions about what should I write/review next? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below as well!

Til next time, dolls! :)

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