[REVIEW] Peripera Ink Velvet in #6 Celeb Deep Rose


Hello, dolls! How's everyone doing? It's been a few days since I last made an entry so I've decided to talk about my latest tint from Peripera! I've been obsessing over this ink velvet lately that I'm using it almost everyday! This tint surely live up to its claims that it stays on my lips for a good 10-hours tops!

Packaging: Just like the airy velvet tints, the packaging looks the same with the difference only on the feel of the bottle--this one's on the matte side. The doe applicator is small enough to fit even the smallest corners of the lips, making the application of the product easier and mess free.

Formula: Since it leans on the "matte" side, I was expecting it to be drying compared to the airy velvet tint but I was wrong! LOL. It felt very moisturizing and it even smoothens the dry patches on my lips (yes, this product doesn't emphasize cracks and dry patches). It felt really comfortable like I'm not wearing anything on my lips at all! The color pay-off is very vivid and opaque. One swipe is all you need to make the color pop. Because the formula is like whipped cream, making a gradient lips is also very easy!

Smell: This has a sweet, cupcake-like smell which I love!

Sorry for the low quality lip swatch! Hehe but this is its real shade under natural lighting :)
Consistency: It has a velvet-y texture that's really comfortable once applied on the lips. It's also very easy to blend and doesn't dry easily which is a plus if you wanted to make a gradient lips!

Longevity: The staying power of this tint exceeded my expectations. I think it lasted me for 8-10 hours with constant drinking and eating; it leaves off a nice pink tint afterwards.

Price: I’m not sure how much this originally cost in Korea but I was able to get this one for P350 on Shopee. You can check out the shop here http://shopee.ph/meisatsuki :)

Over-all Thoughts: I'M NOT GONNA LIE... Peripera's tints are now my holy grail products. Without much time to retouch in my line of work, this tint really helps me look fresh throughout the day without looking like a zombie. I have always wanted to try this shade, #6 Celeb Deep Rose but was quite hesitant because I though it will look to "loud" on me, but nope! This shade is on the warmer side of red. Definitely gonna repurchase if I have already ran out of my first bottle! Personally, the hype for this babies is truly worth it. The price is also very reasonable because I think one bottle will last you for a couple of months with regular use. I'm planning to purchase another shade from this line, so stay tuned!

What are your favorite lip tints? Did you like this review? Share your thoughts about this product by leaving a comment below!


  1. Hello patricia ^^ would you mind if i ask something about the Manufactured Date of ur peripera and the label color under your bottle? Mine is produced around August 2017 but the label color is pink and the texture is weird. I'm afraid mine is fake :(

    1. Hi, Mameha! Which variant is your Peripera? Is it the original ink velvet or the airy ones? :) What is the shade of your Peripera? Mine’s also manufactured in 2017 but the label at the bottom is black :)

    2. Original ink velvet in shade #6 too. Seriously? Sorry to bother you again how bout the month? Looks like mine is fake 😭 wish I can show you mine huhuhu

    3. Hello! Not a problem :) Mine is around June :) You can send some pictures through my email patriciadvmagno@gmail.com

      Thank you



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