Guerisson 9-Complex Cream Review


Now, I can understand and finally join the group of people who are hyping about this particular horse oil-infused cream from Guerisson! Aside from it's obviously luxurious packaging, this cream do wonders to the skin by ultimately hydrating it and sealing moisture. Let me give you more details about this product and read on!

See how beautiful the packaging is?! *heart eyes*
I first saw this cream from a particular beauty vlogger on Youtube (I forgot who she was, though!) and I thought to myself, "Damn girl, the packaging screams luxury!" Of course, I didn't buy it immediately since I was finishing a tub of vitamin cream and I was still in the middle of saving money for my next skincare haul. But then, I won a giveaway hosted by Althea last June. So I finally gave in and purchased a tub for myself!

Let me assume that what is written on the bottom part of the container are instructions and ingredients list

My first impression upon opening the tub is that it looks very heavy on the skin. Apparently, because it's made from oil... Hehehehe. Anyway, as what I have been saying earlier, the jar is enclosed inside an orange circular box, and you get a spatula for scooping the cream out (very hygienic, right?!). The tub is made from glass topped with a gold cap. The design is very classy and minimalist which I really love.

It came in an off-white, heavy-type of consistency cream. I am trying to be frugal in using the product lol but just a 5-cent size of the cream is enough to cover the whole face. Because of its thick consistency, you get to cover a lot for just a small amount. For the smell, I'm not really sure how to describe it, but it kinda settles between smelling like those after shower scent with a hint of lemon. It smells very clean and not overwhelming.

Consistency wise, it's very thick but once you spread it onto your skin, it surprisingly gets absorbed easily and makes the texture of your skin instantly soft and fluffy. The smell gets subdued overtime too. I was expecting this to be very heavy on the skin, but it's not. It felt like I haven't applied anything at all.

Over-all thoughts: I have been using the Guerisson 9-Complex Cream for a week now and I can say that it definitely improved my skin's texture and it looks brighter compared before. I usually use this every night right after I let my Vitamin C serum get absorbed. A few days after using this product, I noticed that my skin actually became clearer, feels softer, and my pores became a little less visible especially on the nose area. I've researched some of the benefits of horse oil before finally getting this product and it is actually known to lessen the redness of the skin. It is also very helpful in hydrating, repairing and creating a protective barrier across the skin. If you would ask me if I'd recommend this product? My answer is yes. The probability of me buying another jar once I get to finish this is also very high. Let me see what other improvements would this horse oil cream would do to my skin. 

If you are wondering if horse oil cream is safe for use, I think this has been tested clinically and proven to be safe for human use.

Despite being pricey, I think that this is a good investment if you'd really want to achieve a naturally glowing, clearer, and healthy looking skin.

The Guerisson 9-Complex Cream retails for about P520 on Althea Korea. I'm not sure if this is available to any more online shopping websites, but yeah, you can do your research. :)

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