How To Effectively Get Rid Of Acne Marks (Korean Skin Care Routine)


Treating acne, as well as preventing their development can get tricky! At my age, I still suffer from acne’s especially during THAT time of the month. However, with proper skin care and religiously sticking to it, the scar appears less obvious than before. As we all have different skin types, choosing the best skin care product is important—that is to prevent further breakouts and keep your skin healthy looking.

As acne most of the time leave unwanted spots around the face, it is best to prevent them from developing the moment they have popped out of your face. Here are some tips on how to get glowing, healthy, and acne scar-free complexion!

In Korean skin care routine, they have an extensive way of cleansing and balancing the skin’s natural pH level. Starting with the double cleansing method, Koreans prefer doing this to ensure that they are getting rid of impurities but still considering that they won’t strip away the skin’s natural oils. You can either use an oil-based cleanser or a pre-prepared cleansing pads to wipe off excess dirt, make-up residue, and debris away from the skin. The next step would be cleansing by using a foam-based cleanser that balances the skin’s pH level to ensure proper hydration and moisture. (Product: COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad and COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser)

The next step is to tone your skin to help seal in moisture. A good facial toner that has a good water and oil balance usually works fine. Toners also help in removing soap debris you have accumulated after cleansing, so remember that toning is an important step as well! Using toner on the skin helps in preparing it for the rest of the products you will be applying. Remember, a good canvass is the key to help the products get absorbed to have clearer and brighter skin. (Product: Klairs Supple Preparation Toner)

Once you have ensured that your face is clean, the next step is to apply some serum that brightens, clarifies, and helps with the skin’s hyperpigmentation due to the development of acne scars. A serum infused with vitamin C usually provides the trick. Just remember to apply the vitamin C serum at nighttime as this is very sensitive to UV rays! (Product: [BY WISHTREND] Pure Vitamin 21.5 Advanced Serum)

Following the use of serum is to target directly the acne spots around the face. It is better to use an acne clearing serum that helps in fading the scar and correcting the hyperpigmentation of the skin. (Product: SKINMISO Spot Repairing Serum)

Now that you are done targeting the acne specific areas, time to rejuvenate and calm the skin using a gel-based moisturizer. Using a gel-based moisturizer is preferred since it provides a great level of moisture without the heaviness and it gets absorbed by the skin easier. Gel-based moisturizers also have this calming effect that reduces inflammation and redness of irritated skin. (Product: I’M FROM Vitamin Tree Water Gel)

Finally, the last step for this night time skin care routine is to use a cream that decreases the production of excess sebum. You must keep in mind that bacterias usually target areas that are prone to production of excess oils, and there they cause the eruption of acnes. Targeting specific areas that produces too much oils is very vital to help keep your skin healthy and acne-free! (Product: LEI LANI Poruji Cream)

I hope I could be of help to anyone who wants to have their skin become acne scar-free! If you are unsure which products to get to kick-off your nigh time skin care routine, why not check this specially curated box to help you get started? Also, you might want to check this video to learn more about getting clear skin and getting rid of acne scars!

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