Pony Effect Deep And Pure Lip Tint Review


The moment I first saw the whole collection of the Pony Effect Deep And Pure Lip Tint, I knew right then and there that I had to get my hands on at least one of them. Pony Effect is a make-up line that was launched in 2015 by celebrity make-up artist, Pony (she's known to be CL's previous make-up artist too!). Ever since then, the brand gained so much popularity not only in South Korea but also worldwide. Pony Effect is loved by many beauty enthusiasts because of its high-quality, long-lasting, and amazing range of cosmetic products.

The Pony Effect Deep And Pure Lip Tint is among Pony's latest product line and has a wide selection of color range. It claims to provide an ultra pigmented tint that lasts all-day and doesn't require any touch-ups. Could this be true?! Let's find out! *wink*

For its packaging, the tint comes in a navy blue plastic tube that contains the product and a rose-gold twist cap. You can also see the color of the tint on the center of the tube being represented by a thunder bolt. Cute, right? One of the reasons why I was convinced to get this product is also because of its extra pretty packaging. I really think that this makes a beautiful displace on my vanity space!

I got the one in shade EVENTFUL. Originally, I was supposed to get YOUTHFUL but I read reviews and I feel like it's one of those shades that is a bit hard to work with. I was convinced to get EVENTFUL because I was in constant search for that perfect K-star fuchsia pink lips. The seller whom I got this from also recommended this shade, so yep, I finally gave in!

It also comes with a doe-foot applicator that's the perfect size to evenly spread the tint across your lips. However, be careful and try to work the tint on your lips immediately because this dries a bit fast. For the formula, it's a boundary between feeling gel-like to a bit water but very pigmented. A little goes a long way, I must say. And it really do last for a very loooooooong time too! The scent of this tint reminds me a lot of cherry soda--sweet and gentle to the senses.

Here's a freshly swatched on my hand under artificial lighting
A low quality full-lip swatch under natural lighting
Me tryna rock the famous Korean gradient look, no filter, under natural lighting :)
Over-all Thoughts: Aside from the tint drying too fast, the wear of this product is very lightweight; they are not exactly extremely moisturizing but they don't dry the lips as much as other tints do. However, I still recommend that you condition your lips by exfoliating and applying some balm after to prep the surface--it really helps when you don't want the product to cling onto the dry patches. In all honesty, I can definitely say that the formula of this tint is one for the books. Plus, if you're a bit intimidated by the color being a quite loud, don't worry as the shades are really easy to work with! They leave a subtle color after drying too. For the price, I think it's worth it--as well as the hype.

Where to Buy:

*I particularly got mine from Ate Fatima, a SMYLEE angel, on Shopee. You can check out her shop HERE :)

QUESTION: For my next post, should I make a Korean gradient lip tutorial? Comment your thoughts and suggestions below! :)

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