Karadium PUCCA Love Edition Pop Tint Review


The search for the best lip tint is far from over, with the Pony Effect Deep And Pure Lip Tint becoming the number one contender, let's see how these Karadium Pop Tints fare. *wink*

These babies were from the gift sent kindly to me by Ate Melissa of Saeli Yuri Melissa Lee's All About Korean Cosmetics & Skincare group that you can find and join on Facebook. I was so excited to try them all on because the shades of these tints look so fun and quirky, yung nakakafresh lang ng aura. My excitement made me swatch them all at once and tried wearing them even if I'm just at home. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I received 4 out of 5 tints from the collection and I really think that this will save me at least a year or two from buying new lip tints. LOL. Okay, so without further ado, let's discover what these pop tints are capable of!

Since I've got four shades of them, I'll be showing each shade in a little while but let us first talk about its packaging, smell, formula, consistency, and longevity.

The lip tints are enclosed inside a matte box that tightly fits around the square plastic box inside which contains the tint/liquid. The design is very straight forward yet cute--a red and white square shaped plastic with the character PUCCA printed on it and the word love. About its applicator, it comes in a unique doe foot shape. The tip is a bit pointed and there's a space in the middle of the applicator, which I assumed is for better application.

The smell, on the other hand, is very sweet. It reminds me a lot of sugar candies that I used to eat when I was a kid. However, I accidentally tasted it and there's a super slight hint of bitterness (i'm not sure if it's only me though!) which for me, is tolerable. Another thing that I also love about these pop tints is that the formula is not as drying compared to other water-based tints I've tried. Also, when applied onto the lips, it doesn't dry as fast so you can actually work on that gradient lip easier. It also dries off slightly glossy so your lips wouldn't look so flat.

I tried comparing the consistency of the tints and I noticed that the shade #2 Juicy Pop is more watery compared to the others, while the shade #5 Punch Plum Pop feels more gel-like that's still easier to blend. For the pigment, I have nothing else to say because they are REALLY, REALLY PIGMENTED! As in, all you need is one swipe to cover your entire bottom lips and the color shows immediately with that. Longevity wise, these tints are amazing. As I've mentioned above, I wore this even at home just to try how long it will last on me with consistent drinking and eating. They didn't even budge after eating oily foods, drinking too much water, and after brushing my teeth. LOL. May forever.

I should probably stop talking and share the swatches to you, guys. Are you ready? Hehehe.

#1 Karadium PUCCA Love Edition Pop Tint in Red Berry Pop

The Red Berry Pop is your classic red lip tint that has a warm tone in it. This shade looks very flattering and wearable everyday if you simply want a splash of color on your look.

#2 Karadium PUCCA Love Edition Pop Tint in Juicy Pop

On first look, the shade Juicy Pop may appear very neon orange but it looks refreshing when applied. I love how the color makes you look younger and void of stress. Also, this shade seems to have a different formula from the rest as it leans on the watery side a bit.

#4 Karadium PUCCA Love Edition Pop Tint in Shooting Candy Pop

Probably my most favorite shade among them all, the Shooting Candy Pop. It looks very neon on the doe foot applicator but cools down into a shade of pink that would definitely remind you of spring. This has a milk-ish to whitish base that you might find intimidating to use, but you just really have to blend it well to make it look flawless. *wink* 

Recently, I've been loving lip tints with a hint of pink in them as it makes me look fresher and effortlessly chic. It's the perfect shade to do everyday errands and when I am going out with friends too.

#5 Karadium PUCCA Love Edition Pop Tint in Punch Plum Pop

I always wonder what shade of plum tint these Korean pop stars and actresses use, and I can never seem to find the exact shade. LOL. However, upon first swipe of this pop tint in the shade, I immediately love how it looks like when blended. I was a bit afraid of trying it since I thought it would look very overpowering considering how purple-ish the shade looks like on the applicator, but no, this settled on the lips very beautifully.


Under natural lighting, from top to bottom: shooting candy pop, red berry pop, juicy pop, punch plum pop
Under artificial lighting, from top to bottom: shooting candy pop, red berry pop, juicy pop, punch plum pop

Over-all Thoughts: 

I'm giving these tints a rating of five out of five. They are simply AMAZING. Now, I understand why these babies are receiving so much good reviews on the group of SYL KBeauty Enterprise, and why these are being recommended always whenever someone asks for a good lip tint product/brand. I'm not sure how I'd compare these pop tints with the ones from Pony Effect because they are both different in terms of formula. So I'm giving them both the spot for the top contender on my list. Hahaha! Also, a tip, you might want to apply some lip balm on top of it within four hours after application to avoid your lips being too dry as these tints still boundaries between water-y to gel-like. :)

Where to buy:

Join the group of Saeli Yuri Melissa Lee's All About Korean Cosmetics & Skincare on Facebook. If you're a newbie, comment your location and they'll help you find your nanay angel that can assist you for your orders. I swear, there are so much good stuff waiting for you there! *throws confetti*

Price: P330 each

What do you think about these tints? Would you like to buy one too? Comment your thoughts below!

Disclaimer: These products are sent to me as gifts. However, all of my opinions, thoughts, and verdicts for the products are written in all honesty in order to provide you an unbiased reviews of the tints. Should you have any questions, do send me an e-mail at patriciadvmagno@gmail.com


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    1. Super! Tapos fitted talaga yung box sa pinaka container mismo! Hehehe

  2. Waah! That's Pucca right there! I love Pucca! Brings back memories of my childhood! Heh. Hello Patricia! I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm lovin' it! Though I'm no beauty blogger, your blog still caught my attention :D Hope to see more of your posts 'cause I'm certainly bookmarking this blog!

    Best Regards!


    1. Hello, Alyssa!

      Thank you for such kind words! I'm glad! Yes, Pucca brings back a lot of memories. I remember having a pair of spoon and fork with her printed on the handles. Visited your blog too, and I can say that you're also doing amazing. I will definitely add you to my blogroll! :)



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