RA & GOWOORI Honeylemon Peeling Gel Review


You know what is so good about peeling gels? They are not as harsh as the usual chemical exfoliators that you commonly see in advertisements. If you are wondering why, it is because these peeling gels are formulated by natural ingredients such as fruit extracts, fruit enzymes, and other beneficial ingredients that can be found in the environment. Peeling gels physical exfoliators that are very gentle to the skin. They dissolve dead skin cells which you can immediately slough off revealing a more glowing and brighter skin. 

The RA & Gowoori Honeylemon Peeling Gel is one example of it, and now I am going to tell you whether it is worth of your money. If I have gotten your attention, click read more to find out!

The product contains about 160mL of whitish, opaque, gel with a fliptop opening. The print is very clean and simple. I also find the lemon and honey very inviting. Hahaha! Considering that this is a gel-type product, the consistency is quite runny. I like to spread an adequate amount of the product across my face, let it sit for about half a minute before I proceed and massage gel on my face.

This Honeylemon Peeling Gel is formulated with lemon, honey, aloe vera, centenella, and propolis extracts. You can notice how very natural the components of this peeling are, making it very gentle to use. I like how this product is combined with centenella, because it is a plant that is known to fight fatigue. The scent of this peeling gel is very refreshing--it smells very citrus-y with a hint of ginger. Personally, I think the smell helps in calming down not only your face but also your senses because it is really soothing.

It gives a very refreshing sensation and the cooling effects of the gel makes the whole experience worthwhile. To use this product, you need to spread it against dry skin to ensure proper exfoliation. I made a demo video which you can watch below:

Please pardon the slightly low quality video. I had to film this at 480p so I can upload it successfully on Youtube. Alam niyo naman ang scarcity ng internet speed. Hehehe.

Over-all Thoughts: This Honeylemon Peeling Gel from RA & GOWOORI does not disappoint. It does its job in removing dead skin cells, impurities, even make up residues so it leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean without the tight feeling! I also like how it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, moisturized, soft and smooth to touch, and it gives an instant brightening effect too! I did not experience any purging or untoward reactions from using this peeling gel. However, just a few things to remember and consider, know that one of the main ingredients of this product is honey which is a known allergen. What you can do is to spot check first, like applying the product on a small area of your face/skin first. If you did not experience any form of breakouts, then you can continue and use this on the rest of your face. You may use physical exfoliators for about 2 to 3 times per week. Any excess in the usage of it can make your skin extra sensitive. If any there is development of any untoward signs and symptoms, discontinue the use of the product immediately. So far, I cannot think of any thing bad about this product because in my opinion, it is really worth it, especially the price. Exfoliating is also a good thing if you want the other products in your skin care routine to get absorbed completely and get the most out of its effects, because clogged pores or dead skin cells lining the surface prevent the other products from entering your skin.

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Price: P280-P300


  1. I was able to try that peeling gel. Pinagamit sa akin ng officemate. I dont like the smell, amoy refresher ng CR. Though nakakapeel talaga sya ng skin, mdyo drying nga lang after kaya need to moisturize talaga.

    1. That's too bad :( About the drying effect, peeling gels have the tendency to strip off away oils po kaya it is advisable to use this after cleansing, then tone and moisturize after para po maibalik sa skin yung nawalang moisture because of the peeling. Based on experience naman po, it didn't feel drying to me. :) Anyway, magkakaiba naman po tayo ng preferences and products na hiyang tayo; I respect your opinion po about this product. God bless! ☺️



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