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Ever since I started doing the Korean skincare routine, it felt like my skin underwent a major revamping. LOL. I barely use base make-up now, or if I do, I only put on some concealer and set it with my HG Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder, then I'm good to go. I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about this Velvety White Cream, another product by RA & GOWOORI. A lot of women are raving about this product, and to see if it is really rave worthy, I tried this one almost immediately after getting it.

If you want to know what I think about this Velvety White Cream, then continue reading. *heart eyes*

First things first, this product claims to give the skin a very natural look provided by the natural ingredients it contain. This cream is also said to be anti-wrinkle, whitening, can be used as a primer or you can wear it on its own, and lightens dark spots.

A tub contains 100 grams of the product and I tell you, the container is huge, I think this will last me a year of use. Hahaha! Anyway, speaking of its tub, let's discuss a little more about the packaging. It is housed in a pretty box with holographic lines around it and inside it the container itself. The cap is very reflective, while the tub (or the space where the cream is contained), is made from an opaque, plastic-like container with teal texts printed around it. I don't know if my description makes sense but yep, just check the photo I posted! LOL

The tub is really pretty and it makes a great display on my vanity space.

To get on to the product itself, you have to twist the reflective cap open and there's another lid that covers the surface of the container. Just like any other creams that I have encountered, the lid serves to prevent contamination as well as preventing the cream to dry off easily when exposed to air.

Moving on, let's talk about the formula and consistency. To be honest, I don't really think that this is exactly a cream because it is not as viscous and as heavy as the other face creams I have used before. The texture feels fluffy, parang whipped cream. The formula is quite watery so a little goes a long way. You also need to be careful not too apply to much because of its brightening effect, it might create a whitish layer if you accidentally spread a thick amount of the product. On the other hand, the smell of this product is very refreshing. If I am to describe its scent, it would be powdery with a hint of florals. Well, at least for me. For people who might be wondering, yes, it does have a strong scent but not to the point that it makes you dizzy and your sense of smell is overpowered. Personally, the smell reminds me a lot of London. Hehehe. I love it.

It glides on the skin very smoothly and truly provides an instant brightening effect. At first it may look very creamy but turns into watery-like consistency when spreaded evenly. It also doesn't make your skin look oily, but rather, it dries off completely matte.

left: back of the hand is applied with the velvety white cream, right: bare hand
Over-all thoughts: If you are looking for a cream that doubles as a primer and skincare, this is one of the best choice in the Korean skincare market. For P720, you get 100 grams of the product so I think it's really worth it. If you'd ask me what I like most in this cream, is that I can go out of the house bare faced without having to worry about my blemishes being noticeable. With the weather in the Philippines that can go from very dry to humid in an instant, I tend to avoid cream-based moisturizers because it makes me look oily a few hours after application. However, it is different with this Velvety White Cream from RA & GOWOORI. I just think that this product should at least come with a small spoon to scoop the cream out of the tub for hygienic purposes and it would really be nice if this has a smaller variant, so that it's easier to bring when travelling. Another thing that I noticed about this cream is that if you accidentally put too much on the skin, it leaves a whitish layer on the face. I do suggest to apply only a minimal amount on the skin and spread it evenly using circular and tapping motions to help the skin absorb the product quickly.

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Rating: 4.5/5

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