The Ultimate SYL KBeauty Enterprise Unboxing


I was only expecting the materials I ordered for my tassel earrings business to arrive yesterday but when I got home from picking up my brother in school, a huge parcel from JRS Express surprised me on our dining table. A few days ago, I was exchanging e-mails with Ate Melissa (Madam Melissa as we are fond to call her in the kbeauty group on Facebook) and she told me that she will be sending me a couple of Kbeauty items from Karadium and RA&GOWOORI. 

I was very surprised to see an actual paper bag filled to the brim with Korean beauty and skincare items that will definitely last me a year or two of consumption. Hahahaha. Seryoso talaga, sobrang dami niya, guys! Anyway, if you'd like to know what items I have received from the very beautiful Ate Melissa of Saeli Yuri Melissa Lee's All About Korean Cosmetics & Skincare, click read more!

The goodies I received from Ate Melissa. A total of 13 Korean beauty and skincare items. *drools*

First one on the list is these Karadium Pop Tints in collaboration with one of the most iconic characters from our childhood, Pucca. I've got a total of four shades out of five, and I'm planning to get the last one para complete set na! I'm loving lip tints nowadays because it makes me look fresher and I love how they are pigmented yet lightweight! I have a separate review for this one that I'm dying to write about! It'll be up in a few days more!

I own two cushions from Missha & A'pieu, and I haven't tried this one yet. I'm curious as compared to the traditional BB/CC Cushion, this one's called the RA&GOWOORI Aqua One Touch BC Cushion. I'm excited to try this one!!!

The first of many whitening and moisturizing cream that I got from this gift is the RA&GOWOORI Placenta Intensive Whitening Cream. I'm dying to try them all but I still have so much left of my skincare products that I'm currently using.

I'm very intrigued with this RA&GOWOORI Velvety White Cream. I've been reading so much good stuff about this one on the group and I can't wait to witness what it claims to do: to make you look fresh despite not having any base make-up!

The killer combo in this set, REAL KILL 9.9 Horse Oil & Whitening Cream. Just like the Velvety White Cream, these two skincare products simply deliver what it claims according to review and I'm dying to find it out for myself!

Another best-sellers from the group are these cleansers and peeling gel. The feedbacks for these three cleansing products are all positive too. Idk, maybe the RA&GOWOORI and the REAL KILL 9.9 line contains some magic in them?! Hahaha, just kidding.

Ah, I'm looking forward to try this one tonight! It's a whitening pack that you leave on for a few minutes and wash it off using lukewarm water. My face is dreading to be boosted with extra moisture now and I'm definitely giving this one a go.

That's it for my SYL Kbeauty Enterprise unboxing. I hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures and reading some of my shenanigans on this post. I'm giving them all an individual review soon, so don't worry about me not mentioning the prices, etc. I just need some ample time especially with the skincare products.

Let me know what you think about this unboxing by leaving your comments below! :)

Disclaimer: This post is not written to brag on anything. This is only to show you guys some good Korean beauty products that you might want to try for yourself!

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