Tips To Avoid Dry Scalp


Winter is here, indeed...

I'm just kidding! Hello, dolls! Just to have a take on the different parts of the body where problems are common, I decided to talk about my hair and scalp... Yes, scalp! Because for no apparent reason, my scalp gets dry so easily that's why I am also careful when choosing my haircare products.

My scalp gets extra dry when -ber months begin, that's why I shift from using my usual haircare products to those with more nourishing ingredients. Today, I'm going to share some tips about which products to use if you experience dry scalp just like me

1. Go organic!
  • On normal days, I use commercially available shampoos and conditoners, but if I feel like my scalp is dreading for hydration, I go organic and choose those have properties that nourish not only each hair strand but also the scalp as well.
2. Skip the shampoo!
  • I am not saying to skip it entirely but alternating the use between the shampoo and conditioner usually lets the scalp produce its natural oils freely, thus hydrating the scalp. Excessive or frequent shampooing, in my own opinion, strips the scalp its natural oil--leading to dryness.
3. Choose wisely!
  • Remember, when choosing haircare products, select those that fits best your scalp condition. Personally, I'd often go for those infused with mint or anything that has a cooling effect. I just personally like those products since they are relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time.
4. Treat them!
  • Treating your scalp with hair masks at least once every week helps in maintaining the hair's health, and also in supplying it with an extra boost in nutrients. There are variants of hair masks out there that suits whichever type your hair needs the most.
5. Brush  them!
  • One way to stimulate the scalp to produce oil is to brush them often. This way, you are also massaging the skin, thus stimulates the glands found in the scalp. When the scalp retains its natural oils, you are less likely to experience dry and flaky skin!

Your scalp deserves TLC as much as your other parts of the body does. Products that definitely fit your scalp condition helps in nourishing them more compared to just selecting which is available on the rack. A bit of research over the internet can lead you to decide about which product is best for you and for your scalp too! :)

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