RA & GOWOORI Whitening Pack Review + Demo Video


Acne scars, dark spots, hyperpigmentation—these are only some of the most common skin problems that you get to encounter, especially on the face. Sometimes, you don't even know where these hyperpigmented spots came from. They just appear randomly out of nowhere and honestly, it is a bit of work to lighten or completely remove them.

Whitening packs are usually everyone's go-to skincare product when they want to have a clearer and brighter looking complexion. My favorite is this Ra & Gowoori Whitening Pack from SaeliYuriMelissaLee's All About Korean Cosmetics & Skincare. Even before, I often use whitening packs but only differs on the way they are being applied; I have used peel off type before.

My Night Time Skincare Routine


I've been getting quite a handful of messages from my social media accounts regarding my skincare routine. My night time routine is more extensive than my day time one so I've decided to write about the former first. Anyway, skincare routine, just like what I am always saying, is trial-and-error. I've tried so many products and brands before I ended up settling to these current favorites. Most items included here are products that I have been using for a couple of months and weeks now.

Building your skincare routine is an essential process and it is just as important if you like make-ups too. Why? Because for your base make-up products to stick onto your skin, you need a clean and well-prepped base. Night time skincare routines are usually extensive because the skin needs a huge boost of nutrients at the end of a tiring and exhausting day. One more thing that make night time skincare routine packed with products is because along with the natural process of the body replenishing and repairing the cells, skincare products' effects can also be maximized during sleep.

Moving on, here are the products that I have began using and including to my skincare routine:

RA & Gowoori Real Kill Horse Oil Cream Review


I have been in a trial-and-error affair with skincare products and only did six months ago that I have  realized that aloe vera gel is not for me. As I have posted a few months ago, I started using the Guerisson 9-Complex Horse Oil Cream, and after three months, there is not much of a difference; maybe it's just made my skin hydrated. That's it. Fifteen days ago, to be exact, I was itching to open my tub of RA & Gowoori Real Kill Horse Oil Cream and try it for myself. I am a member of a Korean cosmetics and skincare group on Facebook and this product receives so much positive reviews. I finally gave in and tried this moisturizer, and I must say, I am completely blown away.

Different animal extracts are not new anymore as an incorporation to skincare, but the thought of having to spread horse's oil across your face may irk you but beauty products undergo extensive and sterile process to be suitable for skin.

I Used An Egg White Soap For Ten Days And This Happened...


My skin is sensitive and it hates products with extra-strong fragrance that is why I steer away from heavily scented soaps to avoid further damage. Anyway, I have come across this soap that uses egg whites as the main ingredient. Egg whites are not anymore new to beauty and skincare. They have been proven and tested to be effective when dealing with different skin problems such as dryness, roughness, and appearance of early stage of skin aging.

As what I have been saying, my skin tends to react and I have some minor skin problems such as my uneven skin tone and appearance of few bumps on my upper arm. So, I got curious and decided to try this product consistently for a week, both day and night. Here are my thoughts about the Bellisima Egg White Soap:


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