I Used An Egg White Soap For Ten Days And This Happened...


My skin is sensitive and it hates products with extra-strong fragrance that is why I steer away from heavily scented soaps to avoid further damage. Anyway, I have come across this soap that uses egg whites as the main ingredient. Egg whites are not anymore new to beauty and skincare. They have been proven and tested to be effective when dealing with different skin problems such as dryness, roughness, and appearance of early stage of skin aging.

As what I have been saying, my skin tends to react and I have some minor skin problems such as my uneven skin tone and appearance of few bumps on my upper arm. So, I got curious and decided to try this product consistently for a week, both day and night. Here are my thoughts about the Bellisima Egg White Soap:

The packaging looks very cute and honestly, very invitinglike it is screaming for you to get them. One thing I like about them is that they do contain coconut oil... It is an added bonus because you know your skin will be boosted with more moisture. The scent of these soaps are also very refreshing and it is something new to the senses. Another thing unique about this product is shaped like an actual egg. It is really nice.

This soap needs to be lathered all over the body and you have to leave it there for a minute before washing it off completely. After initial use, I have noticed that my skin feels smooth and clean at the same time. I like how this does not dry the skin so much. What I do is I massage it on my skin for a minute instead of leaving it as is.

Anyway, I have been using the Bellissima Egg white Soap for more than a week now and I have also noticed that my skin have lightened a little bit.  The over-all effects of this soap would not happen overnight, but so far, I have positive notes on these soaps. Some downsides about this product are none for now, although you may notice that this melts faster compared to other soaps. However, it is naturally if soaps are made with less chemicals. :)

The Bellissima Egg White Soap is available in all Puregold Supermarket nationwide. A box costs around P55, and you can get two of them for only P85. Be sure to check them out and let me know your thoughts about them. :)


  1. I love using products with egg as an ingredients because it's really good for the pores! <3 I haven't seen this product in puregold but based from your review, it might be a decent soap for the body :D

    xo, Abby Joy

    1. Hello, Abby!

      Yeah, I have been a fan of eggs as an ingredients in skincare products since they truly deliver nice results. I am also very surprised that my skin did not react with the soap. Let me know when you've already tried one! :)



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