RA & GOWOORI Whitening Pack Review + Demo Video


Acne scars, dark spots, hyperpigmentation—these are only some of the most common skin problems that you get to encounter, especially on the face. Sometimes, you don't even know where these hyperpigmented spots came from. They just appear randomly out of nowhere and honestly, it is a bit of work to lighten or completely remove them.

Whitening packs are usually everyone's go-to skincare product when they want to have a clearer and brighter looking complexion. My favorite is this Ra & Gowoori Whitening Pack from SaeliYuriMelissaLee's All About Korean Cosmetics & Skincare. Even before, I often use whitening packs but only differs on the way they are being applied; I have used peel off type before.

Anyway, this Ra & Gowoori Whitening Pack contains Niacinamide as one of its major ingredients. As I have mentioned before, Niacinamide is often the best choice among skincare ingredients since it does bring so much amazing effects and brings out the best out of your skin. Niacinamide is known to speed up cell turnover thus it improves skin's texture, color, complexion, and over-all appearance. Niacinamide is also a great vitamin that provides your skin with enough moisture and hydration.

The Ra & Gowoori Whitening Pack is formulated to improve and help in the over-all management of your skin, especially in terms of your skin tone. However, do keep in mind that whitening packs or creams do not necessarily make your skin whiter but instead, they do help in getting rid and lightening different marks caused by acnes and hyperpigmentation.

This whitening pack comes off like a cream. It's more dense when initially squeezed out of the tube but eventually gets a bit runny when exposed to air. The smell can be compared to that of the Velvety White Cream—it has a refreshing clean scent that is not very overwhelming if you have sensitive noses. Hehehe. As always, the packaging is something that I really love especially the character design on it.

My no-filter face after three minutes of leaving the cream and rinsing it off.
Over-all Thoughts: This is a good whitening pack if you are opting for one that is mild. It gives an instant brightening effect and it does help in minimizing the appearance of your pores. I have been using a handful or products containing niacinamide, and my skin loves it! This Ra & Gowoori Whitening Pack helped a lot in clearing some of my dark spots on my face. Just be sure to proceed quickly to the rest of your skincare routine after rinsing the mask off since it can get a bit drying despite it containing niacinamide. I guess the reason why this can get a bit drying is because you have to wash your face twice. One after cleansing, and the next one is after leaving the mask on your face. Another thing that I have noticed everytime I use this is that it leaves a thin white film and can cling onto the dry spots or patches on your face, but it can be removed using a toner. After using the product, I do suggest you apply your toner using a cotton pad so it can help in clearing out some residues the mask left on your face.

Tips on how to use:

1. After cleansing, dry your face first so the cream will adhere better on the skin's surface.
2. Get an ample amount of the whitening pack and spread it across your face, massaging in circular motion. Massaging it helps when you want the cream to be absorbed better! :)
3. After a minute of massaging the cream, you can leave it on for about 3 to 5 minutes. You can pat your face every now and then to enhance circulation. Relax! ;)
4. Rinse it off using lukewarm water.
5. Any residues can be removed using a cotton pad with toner.
6. Proceed to your usual skincare routine.

Demo video:

I'm so sorry for the very LQ video. Hahahaha! I just really wanted to try filming so I can share my method on how I am using this pack. Pardon the messy room and inadequate lighting.

Get this Ra & Gowoori Whitening Pack for only P350 here.

Final Rating: 4.25⭑/5⭑

*disclaimer: all information and reviews stated here are all my honest thoughts and opinions about the product. do keep in mind that whatever works for me may not for you and vice versa. when building your skincare routine, it is best to consider your skintype and problem areas that you want to target. :)

*if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or you can send me an e-mail at patriciadvmagno@gmail.com and I will do my best to help you. :)

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