Patricia is a twenty-two year old registered nurse from the Philippines. She currently works as a staff nurse in a hospital near her home and blogs about life, travel, and Korean beauty products during her free time. She loves watching Asian dramas and movies (Korean and Japanese), listening to music that she looks through the depths of YouTube most of the time, a hot cup of coffee, exploring new things, and Korean beauty and skin care products.

The Modern Day Doll is a blog created to express her love for beauty, travel, and lifestyle. This blog aims to inspire and fulfill curiosity of people of various age, regardless of gender and race.

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Social Media Stats

Blogger page views: 23, 591 (from April 2017 to September 2017)

Daily page views: 500-800+ visits per day (estimated)

Instagram followers census: 612 (as of August 2017)

Twitter followers census: 311 (as of August 2017)

Facebook: 1,241 friends (as of August 2017)

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